Jeshurun Christian Global Campus

Jeshurun Christian Global Campus is the online learning system that allows students
from all over the world to access the educational curriculum of Jeshurun Christian School.


  • Provide students living abroad who are unable to enter the United States the opportunity to attend Jeshurun Christian School and receive education through our curriculum by taking online classes.
  • Allow students to establish a global worldview
  • Develop global friendships and connections across the globe.

The Need for Online Learning

Since the process for issuing F-1 visas to allow students living abroad to enter the United States and physically attend Jeshurun Christian School has yet to be finalized, an online system is a much-needed option to provide students the opportunity to learn through online classes. Also, since the academics are built around a homeschooling curriculum model, students receive a more personalized and effective education that is tailored to their needs and strengths.

Important Details

  • The application process for the online classes remains the same as the offline school. Those who are interested in Jeshurun Christian Global Campus must also submit a completed application package in order to become accepted and register an enrolled student.
  • Students will receive education (based on a homeschool curriculum) from their respective countries through video lectures that can be access online.
  • There are two “Face-to-Face” programs during the year that allow students to directly meet and interact with the school staff. For one of the visits, students themselves will come to the United States (and Canada) and for the second visit, staff will have the opportunity to travel to the mission field and meet with the students in their local contexts.
  • A diploma will be issued for students who meet all of the academic requirements for graduation. All other administrative processes and concerns will also be handled by Jeshurun Christian School.

Global Friendship

  • While students living in different mission fields may not be able to physically meet one another, networking opportunities will be provided in order to help foster friendships that span boundaries.
  • This global friendship networking system created through the global campus consists of connections with various mission groups that support Jeshurun Christian School (ex. KWMC) as well as churches worldwide.
  • Ultimately “global friends” are established through the “global campus.”
  • Through “global friends,” students are able to develop a global worldview as well.

Global Mentorship

The global mentorship system is different as it allows students to connect and forge relationships with adult mentors who can provide guidance and         mentorship.